Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bienvenue à Méridienne!

As both a francophile and a downtown Rogers enthusiast, there are few things I can think of that are more personally exciting to me than the recent opening of Méridienne Dessert Salon & Café at 112 South First Street!

However, it turns out I am not alone in my ardor.  It's been a delight to see a stellar crowd at Méridienne each time I've visited.  I confess I haven't strayed far from the salade niçoise avec saumon (humor me, won't you? I rarely get to turn a French phrase with proper accents...).  Suffice it to say you will not be disappointed.  And, lest the more masculine among you fear that the offerings are girly or attempt some line such as "real men don't eat quiche," I'd suggest you hold your tongue until it has sampled the outstanding food.  

You'll find a simple (as in, exquisite but not overwhelming in its variety) menu with several specials, and the dessert tray alone is well worth saving a little room.  However, in typical French Women Don't Get Fat fashion, you'll find the meals served are perfectly filling but not overwhelming.  Owners Wednesday Arend and Tammy Varney are also continuing their wonderful custom "couture cake, pastry and dessert" business along with other delights. 

The space is comfortable, unique and attractive, and there is a small sampling of cute merchandise available.  It's the perfect treat for a little girl just out of school for the summer (I have one in particular in mind), or an excellent spot for you to suggest someone indulge you for a special lunch.  Visit their website and Facebook page, and stop in soon to check it out!

*Selfishly, I must also mention that Méridienne will be hosting a little gathering to benefit the Ozark Natural Science Center on June 16!  Let me know if you'd like more information.

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  1. Of course you mention 'French Women Don't Get Fat!' Love, love, love that book and the author.

    Also love the restaurant... let's meet up there soon!