Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Personality Abounds in Downtown Rogers

Per the previous post, I'm loving the personality on display via chalkboards in downtown Rogers of late.

Here's an addition from West Cypress snapped by Rachel Swearingen Harris:

That's what is so neat about downtown Rogers... personality abounds!  It's found in so many special, unique touches.  In fact, I'm feeling a bit inspired to share more of it and plan to snap and share a few more pictures of the special things throughout downtown as I'm out and about in the coming weeks.  So, don't shoot or call the police if you see a moderately crazy-looking person snapping iPhone shots of your home or yard.  And, share a few of your own if you're so inclined!

Speaking of which, have you read the latest downtown residents update?  Find it here and share it with a friend or neighbor.  Bundle up for the cold snap!

1 comment:

  1. Feel free to iphone it up in my yard anytime! The purpose of this huge 8 foot sign in my side yard facing Cypress Street is to reach as many people with words of inspiration. hope. Words to resonate with them on their way to their destination, make them think, make them smile.

    I see many signs. For Sale signs. Foreclosure signs. For Rent. For Lease. Vote For Me. Stop. Buy!. Eat! ETC ETC ETC.

    I thought Rogers needed a sign that said LIVE!!!
    In as many ways as we can! :)

    Peace and love to all of my wonderful neighbors and I want to thank all of you for your positive feedback! Every time I put a new sign up, I gain a new friend!

    Spread the words and the words of the day is

    -With Many Thanks