Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Proposed Pledge from Downtowners

Here's an example of what I love about downtown Rogers:

Thank you, downtown neighbor!  In case you can't read it, the gigantic chalkboard near their front door reads: VOTE!  It is your privilege and your responsibility.  I love it.  (However, if you read my personal blog, you already knew that based on my recent rant about voting.)

I think this is one of the particularly special things (as we tend to focus upon) about downtown Rogers.  Opinions matter, and they abound.  Today is actually November 3rd.  I'm posting this prior to checking the election results, because this isn't about how you vote - it's about IF you vote.  I supported specific candidates, but per the previous post, what matters is being engaged.  At the end, may the best men and women win - they will have my support regardless of how I voted.

Unless the community was undecided and we face a runoff, a new mayor has been elected.  It's easy for downtowners to forget that our mayor, despite having offices in downtown Rogers, is responsible for an entire city.  "But downtown is special!" we argue, and rightfully so.  However, as the new administration prepares to take office, I hope we can all sign on to a sort of Downtowners Pledge to the Office of the Mayor of Rogers.  My humble suggestions for such a pledge:

1.  Welcome!  We are glad you are serving Rogers, and appreciate your dedication.  We won't forget that it is you who took the time, energy and resources to run and be elected, not us.  It is your job to do at the end of the day, and you are accountable to taxpayers throughout the city.

2.  As you may be aware, we heart downtown Rogers.  However, we understand that it is one of many neighborhoods, hundreds of streets and dozens of daily concerns in our great city.  So, when we ask you to do something for downtown, we'll think about how reasonable it is rather than making demands that may not be reasonable when weighed against the entire city's needs.

3.  We will not harp on your responsibility to "support downtown."  We will be specific and thoughtful in our requests.  It's enough for us that you recognize and tell others how special a place downtown Rogers is, and we know you'll do your best for us.

4.  With all that said, we aren't prone to keep our mouths shut.  If you'll humor us and understand that we are often blinded by our devotion to downtown, we'll keep on making requests like good squeaky wheels.  Please be visible at downtown events, as you must be throughout the entire community.  We love seeing you.

Here's to an exciting future together!

*Got additions to the Downtowners' Pledge?  Disagree?  Comments?  They are welcome here!  Or, just post your agreement.  We have many good things to do together in the coming years.


  1. An update (now that I've checked the election results and will not feel skewed in my post):

    Mark your calendar now to vote on November 23!

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