Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lucy's Diner

If you haven't yet visited Lucy's Diner, you're one of a scant few.  It's been hopping ever since opening the doors this January despite plenty of snow and ice. 

We are fortunate to live a hop, skip and a jump away and have walked there several times, and it is always happily bursting at the seams no matter the time of day.  I've enjoyed seeing a healthy dose of our local law enforcement and fire fighters there on a regular basis as well - seems appropriate.

The shiny stainless steel and checkerboard floor are spot on, along with the diner-esque tunes and swarms of friendly, genuinely warm wait staff.  While I confess I've had an order or two go wrong, they swooped in immediately to make it right, which is what really matters.  The pancakes are true flapjack style and they are fantastic, and the coffee is piping hot and flows rapidly.

Lucy's (511 West Walnut in the former Hi-D-Ho location) is open 24 hours a day, and breakfast is served anytime.  Its predecessor in Fort Smith has been open about a year and a half.  You might have caught a recent article in the paper about the opening of the local Lucy's Diner, as well as a review.  You'll certainly want to swing by yourself as soon as you get a chance.  It's destined to be a staple in the downtown scene.  Word on the street is that it will be a welcome option for performers and patrons of evening performances at the Rogers Little Theater.

And, happily, all the regulars are still flocking to Wesner's Grill and Iron Horse Coffee Company, hopefully proving that there's plenty of room in the downtown landscape for variety.  Keep 'em coming - we love the options and will support you all!


  1. I have had breakfast there twice and, like you, I had an order delivered wrong but quickly put to rights. The eggs were done perfectly, the hash browns were crispy and not too greasy and the biscuit was good. The coffee IS hot and flowing but not the best in the world which will always keep people flocking to Iron Horse. I love the growth coming to The District!

  2. We have tried it, actually the day we had the big snowstorm we were surprised they were open! The place was packed, I thought we were the only people crazy enough to get out! The cheeseburger baskets were delish, especially the homemade fries. I had to blog about it of course...